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After Fran spent some time in a hospital in Kalgoorlie, we headed north to continue our journey and put the caravan through the rigours of more testing.

Now that we had the all clear, we were back basking in the sunshine and moving towards Leinster after heading to Gwalia.

We needed a couple of days to catch up on a few chores and to collect mail before the van was packed and ready to rock n’ roll.

Our next major stop was Geraldton but before this, we decided to check out Mount Magnet.

However, before this, we travelled to Yalgoo which was pretty easy going and required an overnight wayside stop that was roughly 50km from Mullewa.

When we rolled up here, despite our smooth sailing, we were dealt a surprise upon opening the caravan.

When it was time for bed, we opened the caravan and found that the front panel of the fridge had fallen off completely and was laying on the floor.

Further inspection found that the panel was only held in place by a small dob of glue, while the panel that held it in place at the base had been fractured.

This base panel contained a number of clips but these had been broken off meaning that the front panel had lost its support causing it to fall off.

This damage required a fair bit of delicate work to fix it before we could move on to Geraldton, but we managed to get the job done without too many dramas.

When we made it to Geraldton and booked ourselves into the caravan park for an overnight stay, Fran had a recurrence of the medical condition that she had experienced earlier.

This required another trip to the hospital in order to get the condition treated, but this does require waiting for the procedure to be performed.

As a result, the team is stuck here in Geraldton while Fran recovers from the procedure. We will keep you posted with our progress!

Make sure to check in for more updates as we put the electric caravan to work when we resume our journey.

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Travellers have long faced a common problem: not enough power to survive for long periods when off grid and gas refills in the Outback are very  inconvenient. That was then, this is now!

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