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Key Features

  • 4.4T Independent Suspension
  • Induction Cooktop
  • Truss Chassis
  • Diesel Heater
  • 14.3 kWh Lithium Battery
  • DO45 Coupling
  • 110Lt Grey Water Tank
  • Contemporary Style Furniture
  • 5000 Watt Smart Inverter
  • 274Lt Compressor Fridge
  • Sway Control
  • Stone Deflector

  • Upto 2400 Watt Solar*
  • Electric Step
  • Leather Upholstery
  • Floodlight
  • DC / DC Charger
  • RXP Construction

  • Convection Style Cooking
  • 17“ Mickey Thompson Baja Tyres
  • Premium Tap & Door Fittings
  • Tool Box On A-Frame



The ERV’s interior is meticulously crafted to bring the comfort of your home onto the open road. It comes fully
loaded with amenities designed for supreme comfort and convenience, making every journey memorable. This all-electric off-grid caravan boasts luxurious leather seating, climate control, an elegantly designed three-piece bed head, a plush
pillow-top mattress, a modern ceramic cassette toilet, and a shower encased entirely in fibreglass.


For those seeking an adventurous off-road and off-grid lifestyle, the ERV’s exterior is built to endure the harshest
of conditions. It sets a new benchmark in rugged design with its unique features. Equipped with a front toolbox, an
entertainment hatch for outdoor TV viewing, and a tank for greywater, it ensures readiness for any challenge. The inclusion of an Electric Weber BBQ on a slide-out tray allows for outdoor culinary experiences. The ERV’s distinctive white colour
scheme is not just for aesthetics; it plays a crucial role in reflecting sunlight, significantly reducing heat absorption and
keeping the interior cooler.

floor plans


All New ERV Floor Plans 210R

All New ERV Floor Plans 210R-CL

All New ERV Floor Plans 210R-CL-RC

All New ERV Floor Plans 210R REV

All New ERV Floor Plans 210C

All New ERV Floor Plans 216C

All New ERV Floor Plans 216R-REV

All New ERV Floor Plans 219B SE

All New ERV Floor Plans 220C

All New ERV Floor Plans 226R

All New ERV Floor Plans 246R

  • 4.4T Independent Suspension
  • Laser Cut Truss Chassis
  • 17” Racer Rims
  • 12” Brakes
  • 6″ A-Frame
  • Extended A-Frame
  • 3-Arm Bumper Bar
  • 1 X Jerry Can Holder on Bumper Bar
  • D045 Coupling
  • 40mm Composite Flooring
  • 4 X 2 Main Bearers
  • Spare Wheel
  • Double Electric Step
  • SuperGal Chassis
  • Recovery Points
  • Chassis Integrated Battery
  • Mickey Thompson Baja Tyres
  • Laminate Splashback
  • Door Curtain
  • Self-Closing Extension Drawer Runners
  • Convection Oven, Grill, Microwave
  • Pillow Top Mattress
  • 12V Rangehood
  • Induction Cooktop
  • Diamond Series Upholstery
  • 2 X Towel Rails
  • Upholstered Seat Bases
  • Upholstered Magazine Holder
  • Full height Head Bump
  • 3 X Piece Bed Head
  • Fully Fiberglassed Shower
  • Premium Bathroom Accessories
  • Premium Power Switches
  • Leather Upholstery
  • Contemporary Style Furniture
  • Premium Colour Flush Handles
  • Ambient Interior Lighting
  • Mirrored Shower Door
  • One Piece Roof
  • RXP Construction
  • Tool Box On A-Frame
  • Tub Lined Tunnel Boot
  • Stone Deflector on A-Frame
  • Rounded Entry Door
  • Smooth Walls
  • TV Entertainment Hatch
  • High Checker Plate Sides
  • Rear Checker Plate Protection
  • Roll Out Awning
  • Checker Plate Pebble Guard
  • Modern Double Glazed
  • Windows
  • Caravan Jack
  • Picnic Table with Map of
  • Maxxfan Deluxe with Rain
    Dome In Bedroom Ensuite
  • Electric BBQ + Slide
  • 2 X Sets Of Tail Lights
  • 5000W Smart Inverter
  • DC / DC Charger
  • MasterVolt BMS System
  • 14.3 kWh Lithium Battery
  • Premium Audio System
  • Sway Control
  • Reading Lamp/USB Combo
  • Light in Stepwell
  • 2 X Floodlights
  • 4 X Exterior Bugproof Lights
  • 2 X Outside Speakers
  • Reverse Camera + Monitor
  • 2 X Internal Speakers
  • Up to 2400 Watt Solar Panels*
  • TV Antenna
  • Robe Cut Out With Light & Power
  • LED Tail Lights
  • 24″ Smart TV & Arm
  • External 240 Point
  • External 12V Point
  • 2 X 12 Volt Fans
  • 274Lt Compressor Fridge
  • Ceramic Cassette Toilet
  • Truma Saphir Heater & Air Con
  • Built In Water Filter
  • 28Lt Electric Hot Water Service
  • Outside Shower
  • Exterior Plumbing Pipe
  • Top Loader 3.5kg Washing
  • Checker Plate Water Tank Guards
  • 1 X 110Lt Grey Water Tank
  • 2 X 110Lt Water Tanks*
    Manifold System
  • Premium Finish Tap and Sinks
  • Diesel Heater

*Please note the following layouts have the following changes to the specs.

*Solar Capacity is Dependent on Size (1600 Watts – 2400 Watts) See Consultant

*199R – 1 X 110 Lt & 2 X 65 Lt Water Tanks
# 219BSE, 226R, 246R – No Shower Lockers


The ERV merges luxury with off-grid capability, featuring a 5000W Smart Inverter, a 14.3kWh lithium battery, and up to 2400W solar panels for unparalleled power. Enjoy premium entertainment with an advanced audio system and a 24″ Smart TV.

Safety and convenience are enhanced with a reverse camera, LED tail lights, and various lighting options.
Comfort amenities include a robe cutout with light, power, and two 12V fans, ensuring a superior travel experience.


The ERV is designed for comfort and convenience,
boasting a 274-liter compressor fridge and a ceramic
cassette toilet. Climate control is managed by a Truma Saphir heater & air conditioner, alongside a diesel heater. It features a 28-liter electric hot water service, an external shower, and a built-in water filter for pure hydration.

Laundry is easy with a 3.5kg top loader washing machine. Water storage is ample, protected by checker plate guards, and premium finish taps and sinks add a touch
of luxury.


The ERV is built for rugged durability and optimal
performance, featuring a 4.4T independent suspension and laser-cut truss chassis. With 17” Racer Rims and Mickey Thompson Baja Tires, it’s ready for any terrain, supported by 12” brakes and a robust 6″ A-Frame.

Additional features include a 3-arm bumper bar with a jerry can holder, D045 coupling, and 40mm composite flooring for stability. Safety is enhanced with recovery points and a chassis-integrated battery, complemented by a double
electric step for easy access.

wall construction

Retreat’s RXP Construction uses industry leading material to improve the cabins thermal insulating properties.
It ensures the cabin stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter minimising usage of air conditioning and heating.

The cabins composite material cannot absorb water and replaces the traditional meranti timber construction,
backed by a lifetime Rot Free Structural Guarantee.