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The roof is completely covered with solar panels.

The first thing you notice about the Australian- designed, world-first E-RV solar-powered electric caravan is the lack of gas bottles on the front A-frame.
Without gas, this caravan doesn’t need vents, which means dust can’t get in when you go off-road.

It also means the interior temperature can be more easily controlled because the composite panel construction provides good insulation and there are no vents to let the climate-controlled air out.

The E-RV’s entire roof is covered with solar panels, so the air-conditioner is under the bed.

The Australian-designed E-RV is the world’s first solar-powered electric van.

With 2033 watts of solar panels, integrated automotive-grade 14.3kW/H battery, coupled with a 5000-watt smart inverter, the E-RV’s self-generating battery energy storage system revolutionises the truly off-grid experience.

The inverter allows you to run toasters, kettles, air-conditioner and hairdryers, as well as all the interior lights of the caravan, at the same time.

This energy supply delivers more power than a conventional kitchen at home.

The battery is integrated into the 100mm x 50mm hollow channel chassis with off-road suspension and Micky Thomson all-terrain tyres.

All the appliances in the kitchen are electric and can be used at the same time.

At the front of the extended A-frame is a recessed DO35 coupling. A dual slide-out tool box is also on the A-frame, along with a jerry can holder.

Outside is the lined tunnel boot, electric awning, slide-out electric barbecue with illuminated digital thermometer controls, Fusion sound system, fold-down picnic table and shower.

Underneath are two 110 litre water tanks, a 65 litre freshwater tank and a 110 litre grey water tank which are all protected with galvanised guards.

Inside, the front bed has a padded three-piece bedhead with a pillow-top inner spring mattress.

The lounge around the trifold table has adjustable headrests and upholstered seats with E-RV diamond series stitching.

The bed has a padded

three piece bed head with a pillow top inner spring mattress.

The kitchen has a convection oven and grill, induction cooktop and a slide-out rangehood, 274 litre fridge and sink which can be covered for extra bench space.

The rear ensuite has a tiled shower, ceramic cassette toilet, 3kg top-loader washing machine, and black taps and basin.

Tested on a trip from the Kimberley to the south coast of South Australia over 20,000km for 176 days, the experimental van didn’t have to plug into power. In fact at one stage the test van had three other caravans plugged into it.

With the E-RV, what was normal in a caravan is not so normal any more. The E-RV’s energy-efficient thermal rating construction and revolutionary energy supply mean you can live in your caravan just like you would at home, using what you want, when you want, where you want.

The 14.3KW/Hr

battery sits neatly in the chassis.

The company is in the process of producing five models, which will range from 5.6m to 6.8m.

The E-RV is on display at Luxury RV’s exhibition at stand 58 at this weekend’s 4WD and Adventure Show at McCallum Park.


Price: From $109,990 depending on size. The display model at the show with all the updated specs is $119,990

Frame: composite walls

Warranty: Five years

Suitable for: Off-road

Weights: The design team is making changes to the design


Travellers have long faced a common problem: not enough power to survive for long periods when off grid and gas refills in the Outback are very  inconvenient. That was then, this is now!

Enjoy the creature comforts of home, anywhere you travel.