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Our testing crew for the gas-less caravan finally arrived in Exmouth. However, we didn’t expect to run into issues with the lighting system – not at 4 am in the morning!

What happened was that we were asleep in the caravan and at about 4 am the lights turned on by themselves!

We don’t believe in ghosts, but this freaked us out a fair bit, especially when they turned themselves off also!

As part of the test plan, we were stationed at the Yardie Creek Homestead. Part of this plan was to locate ourselves near a communications station.

This was the main reason why we were in Exmouth so we could expose the caravan to some VLF (Very Low Frequency) towers.

This is because the first incarnation OzXcorp’s digital lighting system is being put to the test.

In the VLF spectrum, the towers transmit a radio RF of 1mW, and it’s supported by an 18mW capacity.

The communications station in question, which is the Harold E. Holt station, is one of the most powerful transmission stations in the world.

In fact, it’s the most powerful one located within the southern hemisphere.

The lighting systems of the van are controlled by OzXcorp’s digital lighting system.

This is why the caravan was exposed to edge situations such as high-voltage lines and television towers.

The caravan was also exposed to a number of intense interference sources.

So far the testing has been pretty successful with the only issue so far being the poltergeist-like experience with the lighting we mentioned earlier.

Also, it’s worth noting that this abnormality was a result that was expected therefore, a solution was already available too.

This was thanks to the data-logging capabilities of OzXcorp.

The good thing is that the sun has been sticking around for quite a while so it’s worth pointing out that the caravan’s state of charge is constantly rising.

It has now actually hit nearly 75 per cent, and that is after using all of the appliances!

This means there are promising signs that progress is continuing to be made.

Make sure to check in for more updates as we put the electric caravan to work on the next leg of our journey.

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Travellers have long faced a common problem: not enough power to survive for long periods when off grid and gas refills in the Outback are very  inconvenient. That was then, this is now!

Enjoy the creature comforts of home, anywhere you travel.